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BSA Program Sites

Great Lakes Council - Our Local Council.

National Boy Scouts of America - the BSA National website.

BSA Forms Page - central location for Scouting forms.

BSA Health Form 2014 - required to participate in Troop activities.

The TroopmasterWeb application allows access to Troop 810 records via Internet-enabled devices.

MyScouting gives you access to Scouting resources specific to your role in Scouting. Adult volunteers MUST take Youth Protection, Fast Start and This Is Scouting training. This valuable training is required for the safety of Scouts, volunteers and leaders.

ScoutSource - Boy Scouts is the national program's page devoted to resources for Boy Scouts and their adult leaders.

The US Scouting Service Project - a massive collection of useful information on all things Scouting. Highly recommended.

Mac Scouter - now part of USSSP but is actually older and more oriented to leadership at all levels.

USSSP Suicide Awareness Page - Educate yourself about this tragic behavior is the USSSP's large database of camps, including both scout-owned, public and private lands.

Guide to Safe Scouting This national program prepares adult leaders to conduct Scouting activities in a safe and prudent manner.

Boy's Life Magazine

Scouting Magazine is the companion publication to Boy's Life for parents and leaders.

The Inquiry Net has a diverse collection of Scouting-related information.

Scouting The Net is a portal to a wide variety of Scouting information and webpages.

National Eagle Scout Association The objective of the National Eagle Scout Association is to serve Eagle Scouts and, through them, the entire movement of Scouting.

Volunteer for America Citizens Corps is FEMA's grassroots strategy to bring together government and community leaders to involve citizens in emergency preparedness and resilience. Scouting organizations can get involved with organizations such as "Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT).

Order Of the Arrow Information

Order of the Arrow Website

Noquet 29 facebook page

Noquet 29 Pon-man district page

First Aid Information

Nursing Education Wilderness First Aid and First Responder has a huge list of links to wilderness first aid information. Thanks to Amanda for providing this excellent link!

The Wilderness Nurses tab on the Accredited Nursing Degrees page has information and extensive links about wilderness first aid and survival. Our thanks to Camp Price for providing this link!

First Aid For Families - another useful link from Camp Price. Thank you Ally!

Scouting Skills

Ropes and Pole Projects - some ideas for your First Class requirement.

Animated Knots - Learn knots using a step-by-step display.

I Will Knot Another site showing how to tie knots.

Outdoor Living

The Inquiry Net's Outdoor Skills page links to a major collection of information from Scouting's long history.

Dutch Oven Recipes from Scout-O-Rama has ideas for Scouts who want to make delicious campout meals.

Kitchen Cooking: A Guide to the Dutch Oven from Lion's Deal has a huge list of links about Dutch Ovens with a section devoted to camp cooking.

International Dutch Oven Society is the premier organization for ALL Dutch oven enthusiasts.

Local Friends

Waterford Elks Lodge 810 proudly charters BSA Troop 810.
Thanks for your extraordinary support!

Huron-Clinton Metroparks - events, activities and education at our excellent local Metroparks.

Destination Oakland - a gateway to all there is to see and do in Oakland County, Michigan.

Destination Oakland has a page devoted to the various Scouting programs at Oakland County nature centers.

Interesting Stuff

Snow Crystals is all about snowflakes and ice. Anybody who has earned a Polar badge will appreciate this one!

Thank you for visiting our Resource section. We hope you found some useful, interesting and fun information!